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Chocolate Latte:

The Chocolate Latte story 

What’s inside? 

Chocolate Truffle and Cappuccino


Rich chocolate truffle fragrance with slight top notes of "liqueur" (amaretto), mixed in with the aroma of rich freshly brewed coffee, and the dark, bitter aroma of espresso beans, in milky base.

What does this candle smell like? 

Hello chocolate lovers! Think chocolate mixed in with your absolute favorite latte, a little bit of liqueur, and dark espresso, then  this is the blend for you! 

Why do we love this fragrance? 

Chocolate makes everything better! So why not in a candle. We love the smell and the warm feeling this candle gives with the aroma of chocolate around the fire. 



relaxed experience, with crisp citrus, musk and vanilla undertones. 

What’s inside? 

Peach & Sensual Amber fragrance oil


What do you get when you mix peach, forest fruits, creamy sandalwood with vanilla and musk? Peachember. This oil blend is a combination of peach, jasmine, citrus, blended forest fruits, vanilla and musk undertones. 

What does this candle smell like? 

A hint of citrus, and peach mixed in with lingering vanilla and woody musk undertones. 

Why do we love this candle fragrance? 

This scent is great for all seasons. This is a subtle lingering aroma of peaches, and vanilla that fills the room with a rich aroma. 


White Jasmine:

The White Jasmine story - subtle but exotic floral experience, with crisp florals, mixed in with sensual jasmine, ginger and musk undertones. 

What’s inside? 

White Tea & Jasmine fragrance oil


White Jasmine, is a combination of peonies, lavender, and geranium on a base of ginger, sandalwood and a hint of musk. This oil blend provides a strong floral scent, with jasmine, the scent of romance, that leaves the room with a subtle light fresh feel. 

What does this candle smell like? 

This scent has mandarin and lemongrass mixed with bergamot and ginger notes, steeped in the aroma of jasmine and white tea.

Why do we love this candle fragrance? 

The White Tea is one of our personal favorites, it creates a soothing space for you to unwind, relax or get in the zone. 



The refreshing and warm aroma of bergamot is a sunny citrus scent found in many perfumes and luxury candles. It's complex with floral, herbal notes similar to lime but has resinous undertones, making for an interesting fragrance of its own.


Chamomile candles smell like a sweet, calming blend of chamomile flowers and honey. This scent is perfect for relaxing in the evening or using as a stress reliever during the day.


The unmistakable smell of peppermint is energizing and is perfect for when you need to focus on a task or feel more alert. Peppermint candles have an icy, minty aroma that is invigorating and uplifting.


Who doesn't love the smell of chocolate? This decadent scent is often used in aromatherapy to stimulate the senses and promote positive emotions. It has a sweet, rich fragrance that will make you feel like you're taking a luxurious break.


The familiar scent of cappuccino is perfect if you love coffee but don't want caffeine. This candle has a warm and inviting aroma with creamy milk, vanilla, and hazelnut notes. It's the perfect companion for a relaxing evening at home.

Vanilla Musk

The alluring, warm scent of vanilla musk is comforting and sensual - making it the perfect candle if you're looking to relax but don't want to give off too strong of an aroma. It's sweet with soft hints of florals that have woody undertones.

Blue Raspberry

This fruity scent has a sweet, blueberry-like fragrance with notes of tart undertones. It smells like an ice cream parlor and is perfect if you love the smell of all things berry. The underlying muskiness makes you feel like you're taking a break in the sun.


If you're looking for something more calming, lavender candles will do the trick! This candle has a very floral, herbal smell with notes of lavender and mint. It's also known for its stress-relieving properties that promote relaxation.

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This candle smells like a day at the spa! The refreshing scent has hints of lemon scents to help you feel rejuvenated after a long day or before an important meeting. There are subtle floral undertones that give it a calming effect.


A sandalwood candle has a warm, woodsy smell with sweet and earthy undertones. It's perfect for feeling grounded and is often used in meditation to promote focus.


If you're looking for something fresh and clean, cedar candles are the way to go! This candle has a light, refreshing smell with woody and citrus notes. It's perfect for waking up your senses and is often used in aromatherapy to promote positive emotions.

Top Scents 

#1 Blue Cedar: Top notes of Raspberry and Cedar, with a hint of Blueberry.

#2 Chocolate Latte: Chocolate latte is infused with espresso beans, and chocolate liqueur.

#3 Sand + Pulp:  Mix of floral, rich balsamic accents with light sweet and musky undertones. The citrus adds a zesty and fresh scent which makes the perfect combination

# 3 Lavender Bliss: Delicate floral smell of lavender mixed with the sweet, heady scent of Lilac.

#4 Peachember: A hint of citrus and peach mixed with lingering vanilla and wood musk

# 4 Sensual Amber: Forest fruits, plum and bergamot with base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

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