12 of The Best Scented Fruity Candles

12 of The Best Scented Fruity Candles

There’s a reason why fruit-scented candles remain so popular — they’ve got a huge variety of aromas. Depending on the kind of fragrance you prefer, these candles can be refreshing or rich, tart or sweet — or a combo of all of those in one!

12 of The Best Scented Fruity Candles

Whether you prefer the scent of winter berries or summertime fruits, we’ve got a couple of great seasonal recommendations right here.


Is there something more American than the scent of juicy, fresh, just-picked apples? With this candle scent, you’ll give your house a rustic touch that you can’t get anywhere else!


All of us like something a bit more exotic from time to time — and if you want to shake things up without going overboard, the familiar, creamy, tropical scent of a banana is just the right scent.

Blackberry Vanilla

While plenty of fruity candles are simple and familiar, there’s something to be said for awesome mixes like Blackberry Vanilla — a creamy note intertwined with the zestiness of blackberries.


If you need something that’s fruity, but also candy-like — the intoxicating scent of a cherry is precisely what you’re after. It’s sweet, light, and bright; everything you want in a relaxing spring scent.

Cherry Almond

Fruity candle scents are often too sweet, though — and some people like countering that with a bit of an earthy aroma. In that case, a cherry almond candle is exactly what you’re after!


If you want your home to smell crisp, bold, but still nice — a blend of citrus smells is the scent you’re probably looking for. Something like lemon, orange, and lime; or possibly all three in one scent!

Cherry Lemonade

If you’re not sure whether you’re more into the crispness of a citrus smell or the sweetness of berries — a cherry lemonade scene is an excellent compromise between the two!


Your kitchen might not always smell like a wonderful tart is about to come out and fill the house with its smell — but you can achieve the same effect with a cranberry candle!

Cranberry Spice

Also, if you’re really into cranberries, you can consider something with the same base but more complex — like a scent that also has cinnamon and sugar to contrast the sharp cranberry.

Honeydew Melon

Is there something that screams “Summer” more than a honeydew melon? Well, you can make sure your house is always bright and shiny by ensuring it smells like one!

Lime Cilantro

We’re going back to our citrusy taste with this recommendation — you can find a blend of refreshing citrus with a great undertone of woody, musk-ish notes.

Papaya Mango

Finally, if you’re really into a tropical feel for your home — think about a mouthwatering combo of a clean, juicy papaya and a bunch of sweet mangoes. That smell could be spreading through your home right now!