Discovering the Best Scents for Your Home

Discovering the Best Scents for Your Home

If you have gone down the store aisles searching for the “right” home scent, you know it’s not about the popular scent, it’s about the “right” scent that speaks to you.  

Your home is a canvas of comfort and expression, a place where every detail reflects your unique style and personality. Signature scents can transport you and your home evoking emotions and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Scents have a powerful connection to memory and emotions. Discovering the best scent is about cultivating a home that is both inviting and timeless. From the potted olive tree in the corner to the curated painting hanging on the wall, each item becomes a statement piece.  

Scents have a variety of benefits, they can enhance your mood, improve your focus, and also contribute to better sleep quality. The ambiance of any room and fragrance play a significant role. Discovering your own scent starts with understanding the power of scents and embarking on a fragrant journey to discover the best signature scents for your home. Here are 10 of the top signature scents that remain favorites:

1. Vanilla

The warm vanilla embrace. Vanilla is like a warm hug for your senses. Its sweet, comforting aroma can transform your home into a cozy retreat. Who doesn’t love a good vanilla fragrance when done right? Vanilla is a classic staple amongst fragrances that transcends the trends. An absolute go-to is the DSAR Vanilla Bean candle that has the top notes of cashmere, and middle notes of almonds, infused with amber and musk. Whether you choose vanilla-scented candles, or diffusers this fragrance is perfect for creating a nostalgic sense of comfort in your living room or bedroom.

2. Lavender 

The Tranquil Whisper of Lavender. You absolutely can’t say relaxation without adding lavender to the mix. Lavender is the embodiment of tranquility and relaxation. Its gentle, floral scent can transport you to a peaceful garden, making it ideal for your bedroom or meditation space. Spruce up your home with the aroma of floral, and herbaceous scents combined with a woody musky undertone from our Lavender Bliss. Lavender-scented diffuser reeds offer a low-maintenance consistent fragrance for a calming ambiance.

3. Citrus The Energizing Zest of Citrus

The Energizing Zest of Citrus. The uplifting effects of citrus are some of the noted aromatics in any home. Citrus scents like bergamot, lemon, lime, and orange are invigorating and refreshing. They bring life not just to your senses but infuse your home with vitality. Citrus-scented candles or diffusers help mask unwanted odors and are a great choice for living, kitchen and home office areas. 

4. Eucalyptus

The Spa-like Serenity of Eucalyptus. If you can get any piece of advice from a Koala, it would be "More eucalyptus please!" Eucalyptus has a clean and invigorating scent indicative of a luxury spa. There are many benefits to having eucalyptus as part of your home collection. It brings a relaxing ambiance to any space. We love it as a great compliment to our bathroom collection, with eucalyptus-scented shower products or bath salts. 

5. Sandalwood

The Earthy Elegance of Sandalwood. If "touch grass" was ever a scent it would be Sandalwood. Sandalwood is known for its creamy rich, sophisticated and earthy scent that brings a touch of elegance and grounding musk to any space. It's perfect for your any room home office, library, or reading nook. Sandalwood-scented candles create a refined and contemplative atmosphere.

6. Fresh Linen

What says home, but the smell of fresh linen. It has the hallmarks of everything comforting. The Crisp Fresh linen scents evoke the feeling of crisp cleanliness and purity. The smell of fresh linen is not only a nostalgic scent of clean, but one that we all can relate to the freshly done linen. They're ideal for spaces where you want to create an atmosphere of freshness, such as the bedroom, living room and guest room. Linen-scented room sprays or reed diffusers can add to quick fixes and make your home feel clean and inviting.

7. Rose

Rose is known for it’s delicacy and refined aromatic. The romantic charm of rose is one that most who think of elegance would attribute to this scent. The aromatic scent adds the refined scent of florals, fruit and musk in a complex harmony to create the relaxing and restorative feel to your home.  If you ever wonder where and home to add this fragrance in your home, consider using rose-scented potpourri, room sprays, or diffusers to your living, bathroom, and bedroom spaces.

8. The Coastal Tranquility of Ocean Breeze

Salty, fresh, oceanic smells. There is something to be said about the smell of the ocean. The Ocean breeze scents capture the essence of the coast, making them perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. Ocean-scented candles or diffusers can transport you to the beachside, even if you're miles away from the shore.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon and spice. The Cozy warmth that comes with warm and cozy Cinnamon is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. The woody, vanilla, and musky notes leaves Cinnamon undefeated in its desirability. It's ideal for creating a snug and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen or living room. The smell not only gives a delicious unique aromatic, it also can be deodorizing for your space. Try adding cinnamon-scented candles, and/ or diffusers to give your home the autumn"y" aroma.

10. The Woodland Retreat of Pine

Bring the outdoors in. No secret that the crisp smell of pine can be invigorating. Pine scents bring the refreshing aroma of the forest into your home. These scents are perfect for creating a woodland retreat in your living room or entryway, especially during the holiday season. Pine-scented candles or room sprays add a touch of natural beauty to your space.

No matter where you stand on scents - adding the right scent is a personal journey. 

The best signature scents for your home are about setting the atmosphere you want to create and the emotions you want to have walking into the room. Let your space be your sensory haven. Whether it's a lavender calming bedroom space or a delicate rose-filled living area that reminds you of a floral escape.  Experiment with different scents and ways to infuse them in your home.